Effective & Affordable Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Treatment Centers by the Beach

Welcome to Pacific Palms recovery

Pacific Palms Recovery in Southern California’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation center of choice, with our beautiful treatment facility located in Oceanside, CA. Our location is just steps from the beach and has exciting outdoor activities like surfing, hiking, and horseback riding. We are considered one of the best substance abuse treatment centers, providing cutting-edge treatment for alcoholism, drugs, and prescription pill abuse.

We pride ourselves on providing clients with an industry-leading level of care, at an affordable price. Regardless of your situation, we can help with addiction treatment services you can afford. Our treatment services work with most insurance providers, and we offer special pricing on our 30, 60, and 90-day programs. A comprehensive list of insurances that we accept can be found on our insurance page, or complete our quick insurance verification form and one of our staff members will contact you shortly.

Our Unique Approach

We believe that recovery is a process of change in all areas of one’s life. We believe dependency to be a mental, physical, spiritual, and social disease. With our focus being live life to its fullest, we offer more than just one on one and group counseling, or 12-step support, all of which are very important. We feel that nutrition, fitness, fun activities, and life skills are just as important. Learning relapse prevention, anger management, relationship building, and denial management is also essential for successful recovery.

Recovery is a lifestyle and this lifestyle takes time to learn. Pacific Palms Recovery will not only give you the time you need but also gives you the time to practice a sober lifestyle. We do recommend our 90-day program as well as sober living upon successful completion, but offer programs up to one year that is tailored to your needs. Research has proven that the longer you are in treatment the more likely you are to prevent relapse and heal your addiction. We want to be able to help you get your life in motion.

Our Exceptional Level of Care

We have an extensive selection process for all of our therapists, psychologists, counselors, and personal trainers. We do this to ensure that you or your loved one will have a successful recovery for the rest of their lives. Our passion for helping individuals and families struggling with addiction has changed many lives. We provide a network of healing and hope for those addicted to alcohol and other drugs. After completing treatment many clients permanently relocate to Southern California, as it is one of the nation’s largest recovery communities.

Our Vision

You or your loved one should not have to continue to suffer. At Pacific Palms Recovery we inspire hope, healing, and a lifelong relationship with our active alumni and real aftercare. Together we will overcome addiction. We are here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, call 1-800-221-8750.


The staff at Pacific Palms Recovery truly believes that when learning to live a clean and sober lifestyle, this must include fun. Each client needs to understand how to balance life between recovery, school/work, relationships, as well as hobbies.

Too Many Addicts Have Forgotten or May Have Never Discovered What it is They Like to Do.
While in treatment you will be encouraged to join us on many outings to explore and discover what it means when they say “fun in recovery”.

View the gallery to the right to see a few activities we offer. Call today to ask about our activities!


In-network Insurances

Pacific Palms Recovery accepts the following insurance plans. Call us to talk to one of our specialists and find out if your plan qualifies for our outpatient treatment.

Your Recovery Starts Here

Pacific Palms Recovery is a certified outpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program. Our outpatient drug rehab is located in San Diego County, California. Pacific Palms Recovery implements a comprehensive clinical and holistic approach to treating drug addiction and alcohol abuse.