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Military work calls for a sacrifice for the nation. The men and women in uniform play a great role in protecting the United States. In this regard, many veterans can use substances and alcohol as coping mechanisms for dreadful experiences. 

Tricare service providers offer various healthcare services to veterans and their families across different regions. Unfortunately, seeking medical help for substance abuse or other mental health issues can be challenging.

However, one of Tricare’s California providers, Pacific Palms Recovery, offers quality standard outpatient healthcare services in San Diego County. If you’re part of a military family struggling with substance abuse, Pacific Palms Recovery provides outpatient care services to help you cope and regain control. We offer a wide range of tailored, personalized programs in a safe, loving, and supportive environment.

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Do You Have Tricare Insurance?

Healthcare for service members is an essential appreciation for their services to the U.S. Tricare is the U.S. military health care program for active-duty, National Guard, retirees, and their families. The program includes multiple coverage plans offering health care for millions of active-duty and former service members and their families. Tricare is managed by the Pentagon’s Defense Health Agency under the Department of Defence (DOD). 

Military personnel and their families may be stationed in the U.S. or elsewhere. As a result, Tricare, unlike other civilian insurance plans, provides access to health care worldwide. Eligible members have access to various health and dental plans. In addition, Tricare members can seek care services from a Military Treatment Facility (MTF), accredited medical office, or civilian hospital. 

Millions of Americans qualify for Tricare benefits. You can become eligible for Tricare if you meet the following:

You can have Tricare insurance if you meet one of the eligibility qualifications.

Tricare is also divided into multiple coverage programs, which include:

Tricare Prime

This is a civilian health maintenance organization. Users have a primary care manager but require referrals to access specialized care. The cost of treatment depends on your military status. For instance, active-duty personnel and family may not incur expenses provided they follow necessary referral rules.

Tricare Select

This program allows users to select their primary care provider and can self-refer to specialized services. Although most appointments don’t include personal costs, others do. But, how much you incur on cost depends on your military service status.

Tricare For Life

This program offers supplemental health services for retirees and spouses over 65. Retirees need to enroll in Medicare Part A and B to qualify for this program.

Tricare Reserve Select

This program is for traditional Guards and Reservists. It resembles the Tricare Select, but users need to pay monthly premiums.

Tricare Young Adults

The program covers full-time military-dependent students aged 23-25 or non-students aged 21-25.

Tricare Select Overseas

This is a program for eligible beneficiaries outside the country. The program involves upfront payment and some out-of-pocket expenses.

Is Tricare A Good Insurance For Veterans?

Yes. Tricare provides comprehensive quality health care coverage for military members and their dependents. In addition, veterans have access to various programs to choose from, depending on their needs. Whether you want a Tricare Select or Tricare Overseas, the government program ensures veterans’ health needs are well-covered.

Although you may experience occasional challenges, Tricare health insurance delivers one of the best coverage for tests, services, treatment, and prescriptions for all beneficiaries for free or at an affordable cost compared to other civilian health plans.

Tricare beneficiaries can receive care at a treatment center for their substance abuse disorder. However, Tricare only has contracts with certain providers that cover the treatment for beneficiaries. Therefore, it is essential to determine if the drug rehab or mental health center is a Tricare provider.

What Substance Abuse Treatment Is Covered By Tricare?

Tricare beneficiaries can receive an array of substance abuse treatment at no cost or subsidized expense through Tricare. Some of the mental health care services covered by Tricare include:

Medication-assisted treatment

This is a practical approach to help patients reduce withdrawal symptoms and eliminate addiction.

Intensive outpatient programs

The program allows people in mental health or substance abuse recovery programs to recover while continuing their daily lives.


The program is designed to remove addictive substances from a patient body. This is often the first step in the addiction recovery journey.

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Tricare Vs. Tricare West

Tricare insurance covers all seven military services — Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Air Force, Public Health Service, Marine Corps, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The VA’s Community Care Network CNN partners with various third-party insurance to cover Tricare members across the U.S. Tricare West (TriWest) is the third-party member offering veterans health care services through community providers in the Western parts of the United States. Healthcare providers in this region contract with TriWest to cover different care services, including substance abuse and mental health coverage. 

While Tricare coverage is available worldwide, TriWest coverage only includes specific regions in the western United States. Therefore, veterans who reside in a state outside the TriWest region must confirm their assigned CNN provider with the VA. In addition, TriWest beneficiaries must also enroll with the VA healthcare system.

Pacific Palms Takes Tricare For Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse and other mental health issues are common health issues experienced by active-duty and retired military personnel. If you or a loved one struggles with substance abuse, Pacific Palms Recovery can help. This is a Tricare San Diego healthcare facility that offers efficient and personalized outpatient care services to military personnel and other Tricare beneficiaries in San Diego and across California. 

We have top-notch professional care providers who can guide you through each recovery step. They move with each client from the first step until they regain complete control over their lives. 

Our intensive outpatient programs help you recover efficiently while learning approaches to avoid triggers. The programs are flexible and allow each patient to perform their duties. The programs also enable family members to help their loved ones cope with withdrawal symptoms efficiently. We ensure you get the care, services, and love you need to develop strong personnel in your recovery journey. 

In addition, Pacific Palms Recovery’s services include 12-step and non-12-step programs that involve multiple conventional and integrative treatment approaches.

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