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According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), the excessive use of alcohol, illegal substances, and prescribed medication costs the U.S. upwards of $420 billion each year, including more than $120 billion in healthcare expenses. Yet, the financial distress caused by substance use disorders (SUDs) is a part of this crisis. 

SUDs also severely hurt the country’s health, educational, and social systems. Drug-related aggression and overdoses result in severe impairments and premature death. Additionally, they pave the way for many personal and professional implications for people suffering from addiction and their loved ones.

There are various San Diego intensive outpatient programs for managing these disorders, including drugs, behavioral therapies, and recovery support services. Experts recommend rehab as a more practical option that ensures long-term healing. This includes inpatient and outpatient treatment for those dealing with alcohol and substance abuse issues, with an intensive outpatient program (IOP) offering more intense outpatient rehab care.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment in San Diego

In situations where other treatment programs miss the mark, IOPs have proved very beneficial. This is due to how IOP treatment centers vary from other rehabilitation programs. These programs are offered at approved psychiatric and chemical dependency treatment centers in San Diego, California.

What is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

Intensive outpatient programs are addiction, disorders, and depression treatment programs designed to address such and other dependencies without the need for 24-hour supervision or medical detox. With these programs, patients can receive treatment for substance use disorders while continuing to live their everyday lives. 

IOPs often arrange treatment sessions for a few hours, 3-5 days per week, with the aim of:

These programs also help patients with concerns like finding housing, a job, and completing probationary periods. People who are struggling with more advanced issues may need a higher level of care, such as a residential treatment program. 

IOPs are more intense and time-consuming than most common outpatient therapies, typically running for six and twelve months. Most programs call for nine to twenty hours of involvement each week, as per the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). However, once participants attain certain milestones and make a noticeable improvement, the number of sessions per week steadily decreases.

What Do Intensive Outpatient Programs Entail?

IOP treatment options provide quality services to patients while adding flexibility not found in residential treatment programs. IOPs may differ based on the treatment facility sought, but their fundamental aspects include the following:

Additionally, as part of the IOP approach, recovered patients receive dietary help, family therapies, gym memberships, and vocational training, among other benefits. Group and individual therapy is at the heart of most outpatient treatment services. At Pacific Palms, we employ a mix of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) in our treatment plans.

Is an Intensive Outpatient Program Right for Me?

Should you require ongoing care but are physically stable; an IOP can be beneficial for you. IOPs primarily target patients who have recently received care, such as medical detox, residential treatment, and partial hospitalization. However, an inpatient program could be best for you when you require hourly medical help or 24-hour monitoring.

IOP might also be the best option if you have a solid network of supporters, a home environment free from triggers, and the ability and willingness to devote yourself wholeheartedly to recovery. Committing to your recovery entails increasing your level of accountability for accomplishing your sobriety each day.

With IOP, your physical condition should be stable enough so that you won’t need regular medical care throughout the program. IOP offers medication management and help, although physical rehabilitation is typically not the major priority. As you engage with therapists and recovery groups to restore your mental well-being, IOPs are mindful of co-occurring mental problems and the emotional components of dependency.

What Our Intensive Outpatient Program Treats

If you or a loved one are dealing with alcohol and/or drug abuse issues, getting help at Pacific Palms Recovery is possible. IOP can help people find the support and coping strategies they need to recover long-term. Many options are available for addiction treatment, so it is essential to know the basics.

Our program offers specialized care, group sessions, life skills teachings, and more to treat:


Abstaining is the aim of alcohol use disorder rehab. In a few years of treatment, those with weak support networks, decreased morale, or psychiatric illnesses are more likely to relapse. Therefore, success for such individuals is determined by the length of their abstinence, the amount of alcohol they consume, their health, and their capacity for social interaction. Our 12-step programs and AA sessions are typically the foundation of recovery and sustainability.

Dual Diagnosis

Mental or emotional problems, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, or anxiety disorders, are common among those dealing with alcohol or substance abuse. Besides drug and alcohol treatment, we provide psychiatry care to individuals with a dual diagnosis or co-occurring condition to manage their mental health problems.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health

We have the staff and tools necessary to care for people with mental health and drug misuse disorders at our integrated mental health and substance abuse center. While it might be difficult to tell whether a particular symptom is caused by a mental health condition or a problem with substance misuse, our specialists sort out the signs and keep treatments on course.

Opioid Addiction

We treat patients who misuse prescription medications, including oxycodone and illicit opioids like heroin. Our facility frequently integrates physical, mental, and emotional care to help such patients overcome addiction with our drug addiction treatment. With mental support, we employ in-depth treatment to tackle the underlying causes of dependency, while physical support typically involves medical detox and eventual medical aid (along with medication).

Find All the Support You Need At Pacific Palms Recovery

At Pacific Palms Recovery, we treat drug addiction and alcoholism using a thorough clinical and holistic approach. We mainly serve the individuals living in and close to the Oceanside area. IOP is a form of outpatient treatment offered in San Diego, California. 

Our compassionate representatives are always quick to respond to queries, discuss your condition with you, and then suggest an IOP or a different form of care. Contact us to learn more if you are considering our intensive outpatient program and get started on the journey to recovery.

Your Recovery Starts Here

Pacific Palms Recovery is a certified outpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program. Our outpatient drug rehab is located in San Diego County, California. Pacific Palms Recovery implements a comprehensive clinical and holistic approach to treating drug addiction and alcohol abuse.