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A partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a treatment program that provides intensive care and treatment for people suffering from substance abuse or other mental health conditions. PHP can aid recovery by providing a structured and supportive environment. A PHP helps people develop healthy coping skills and learn how to manage their symptoms. 

A PHP is an essential step in the treatment process. This form of addiction treatment can help people to transition from inpatient care to a more independent level of care.

PHP treatment is typically less expensive than inpatient treatment options and can be more flexible. Therefore, it can present the middle-ground needed to effectively help those with substance abuse and mental health concerns.

Partial Hospitalization Program in San Diego

PHP may be a promising treatment option for people struggling with a mental health or substance abuse disorder. There are many PHP programs available in San Diego, and finding the right one can make all the difference.

Those experiencing acute symptoms and requiring a controlled and therapeutic setting can take advantage of Pacific Palms Recovery. Pacific Palms Recovery is San Diego’s leading partial hospitalization program. We also offer intensive outpatient programs for substance use and dual diagnosis. We understand that people in recovery from substance addiction have specific unique requirements. 

In partial hospitalization programs, dual diagnosis is frequently used as the basis for treatment. Individuals diagnosed with a mental health condition and an addiction will receive treatment for both conditions at the same time. 

Some addicts also deal with various mental health issues. Understanding the connection between mental health and substance abuse is an important step toward reducing the risk of relapse. Our San Diego, partial hospitalization program, can assist anyone struggling with mental health and/or substance use disorders.

What Do Partial Hospitalization Programs Involve?

Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) are treatment centers that provide structured treatment for people with serious mental illnesses. They are typically used as step-downs from inpatient treatment or as alternatives to outpatient therapy. 

Treatment in a PHP typically includes group therapy, individual therapy, medication management, and other support services. PHP treatment is usually short-term, lasting for a few weeks or months. 

The programs include the following levels of care:

Patients who require extensive outpatient care but do not need continuous hospitalization may be eligible for a partial hospitalization program. While it can be helpful in some situations, partial hospitalization is not a perfect replacement for full-time medical supervision.

Benefits of Partial Hospitalization Programs in San Diego

Partial hospitalization programs offer several benefits for people in San Diego. PHP programs provide a structured and supportive environment for people struggling with mental health issues and substance abuse. 

These programs can also help people to stabilize their mental health, learn new skills, and develop a support network. Partial hospitalization programs can also help people avoid hospitalization or transition back to the community after an inpatient hospital stay.

When patients find others in the mental health community who can relate to their experience, they may feel less isolated. As a result, they may be more motivated to improve their condition.

PHP programs offer therapy and peer support groups that provide overwhelming information regarding drug misuse and mental health. Patients can benefit from understanding the basics of mental and behavioral conditions. These people can learn quickly how to improve their lives without giving up their everyday life or social obligations.

What Can Partial Hospitalization Programs Treat?

Partial hospitalization programs can treat a wide variety of mental and behavioral health conditions, including:

People with mental and behavioral health conditions that are not severe enough to require 24-hour inpatient care may benefit from partial hospitalization.

Who Should Consider A Partial Hospitalization Program?

Partial hospitalization programs are typically recommended for people who need more structure and support than outpatient care. However, these people do not need the 24-hour care provided in an inpatient treatment facility. 

The following people may benefit from this program:

Outpatient drug rehab is an excellent option for people with less severe addiction problems or who have already finished an inpatient treatment program. The benefit of outpatient therapy programs is that they give patients more independence. The patients can continue with their regular lives and obligations as they heal.

At Pacific Palms, our PHP program offers evidenced-based therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy. We take an individualized approach to addiction treatment, tailoring our programs to each of our patients.

Sign Up for a Partial Hospitalization Program in California

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse trauma or a dual diagnosis, Pacific Palms Recovery in California can help. Our certified outpatient Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program offers a partial hospitalization program. Our treatment program provides the treatment and support you need to recover. 

Our outpatient staff also properly understands the needs of patients adjusting to the outside world after undergoing intensive care at an inpatient program. To that end, our programs are designed to help people build on their progress in recovery and reach their full potential.

To learn more about our partial hospitalization program or to sign up, please contact us today.

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