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Sober Living

After a person goes through detox for drug or alcohol addiction, they are considered clean and sober. However, it is only the first step. It’s too easy for a person to fall back into their old patterns and have a relapse when they return to their daily life and routines.

The same stressors and patterns of behavior await a person recovering from addiction if they haven’t taken steps to learn new ways of dealing with issues. A person suffering from alcohol or drug addiction faces the possibility of a relapse for the rest of their life.

Living day-to-day with addiction can be easier for a person once they’ve learned new skills for dealing with old issues. A sober living program in Orange County, CA, can help a person who has already gone through detox develop the skills to maintain their sober lifestyle. Pacific Palms Recovery facility offers sober living homes in the Orange County area, including homes in San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, and Capo Beach. 

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About Sober Living Homes In Orange County, CA

Sober living in Orange County is a program designed for people suffering from drug or alcohol addiction who have already taken the first step and gone through detox. They’ve already begun their journey to living a clean and sober lifestyle.

However, these people understand that addiction will follow them throughout their life, and they want to develop the skills necessary to remain sober and clean. The reasons for delving into addiction vary from one person to the next, but the stressors that lead to addiction didn’t go away while the person was in detox.

Sober living is a program that examines the person’s reasons and stressors that lead to addiction in the first place and helps to define new behaviors and effective ways of dealing with these situations. This isn’t a quick fix and can take months of long term recovery, but it provides the residents suffering from addiction with the tools provided by addiction treatment needed to remain successful throughout life.

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What To Expect From Sober Living

The program can include a 12-step program and group or individual counseling. Classes will help the person establish the life skills needed to remain sober. It enables the person struggling with drug or alcohol addiction to build a support system to help them through the tough days.

A sober living program in Orange County, CA, creates a bridge between detox and a return to the person’s routine. When the person works hard during this phase, it increases their chances of success over a more extended period. It helps the person create patterns of behavior that don’t lead to other alcohol or drug abuse.

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Advantages To Orange County Sober Living

When a person is fighting an addiction to drugs and alcohol, they might think that detox is the only step to recovery. However, it’s only the first step. Recovery and living a sober lifestyle is a lifelong process, and transitional housing through sober living programs is often a part of recovery.

Immediately after detox, the person must learn the skills needed to remain sober. This is what residential treatment and sober living programs are all about.

Advantages of sober living homes can include:

Guidance & Support

Getting sober alone can be challenging, but living with others who have the same goals in mind can help with remaining sober and provide mentorship when needed.

Lowering the Chance of Relapse

Sober livings help provide the tools and space to remain sober and an extended time away from the old life of substance abuse.

Building Friendships

The common goal of individuals in sober living is trying to remain sober and they share similar challenges and can build lasting friendships that work as a support system.

Making the Transition to Everyday Life Easier

Helping Rebuild Life Skills

New life skills can be developed to not only stay sober, but have a better quality of life. Learning how to handle finances, cook, clean, and pay taxes can be beneficial to those just beginning in recovery.

Sober living programs offer many advantages to someone after detox and a residential program. Combining a sober living home with an outpatient program can increase benefits and help with long-term recovery from substance abuse. 

Offerings In Sober Living

Most sober living programs offer a variety of amenities. Each person responds to treatment programs in their way, and effective treatment for one person doesn’t mean that it’s effective for all.

Amenities included in sober living can include:

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Individualized Treatment

No one path or course of treatment will work for every person recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. It’s up to each patient to work hard in recovery and voice any treatment concerns or identify the ones providing the most support.

Most of these treatments and sober living programs are offered for 30, 60, and 90-day periods. Still, a person can always continue after their program if they struggle with cravings or don’t feel like they have the skills to transition back into daily life. The patient must discuss their progress and desire to extend their time in the program.

Communication is vital for a sober living program to be effective and help the person transition to everyday life. If something isn’t having the benefits needed, it might be time to try a different form of therapy or treatment to see if it’s more effective.

Our Orange County Sober Living Homes

Sober livings are homes that provide a sober environment to those beginning their recovery journey. Staying in a sober living can increase the chances of long-term recovery and can be beneficial when combined with an outpatient program.

Paired with our Oceanside drug rehab center, our sober living homes in the Orange County area include homes in San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, and Capo Beach. We service more areas than that though, including Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, and Santa Ana.

Our sober living homes can help people suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction do the work needed to remain clean and find sobriety. Combining a sober living environment with an outpatient rehab in San Diego can help with the chances of long-term recovery.