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Getting treatment for addiction takes great courage. If you are looking for outpatient San Diego addiction treatment, Pacific Palms offers multiple levels of care with extended care programs. Our San Diego drug and alcohol rehab center provides Outpatient rehab, Dual diagnosis services, IOP, and PHP.

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Addiction Treatment in San Diego

Our San Diego drug and alcohol rehab center provides multiple outpatient San Diego addiction treatment levels. We specialize in multiple levels of outpatient care so that clients have the freedom to utilize the step-down approach and transition from one level of care down to the next as they continue to meet goals and progress through recovery.

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP)

Our outpatient San Diego drug rehab treatment offers things like partial hospitalization programs. Partial hospitalization programs take place over a short length of time, often a few weeks, and provide a full-time schedule of therapies and services during recovery. This is a great option for individuals who can't afford to take months off of work or personal responsibilities but can utilize things like vacations or holidays to spend a few weeks away from other obligations and focus on recovery.

Therapies offered include the following:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Individual Case Management
  • Individualized Treatment Planning
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy - including EMDR
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Experiential Therapy

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP)

Clients can also start IOP addiction treatment in San Diego or transition from PHP to IOP. Intensive outpatient San Diego drug rehab is a form of addiction treatment that takes several weeks but has a slightly less demanding schedule. Rather than meeting full-time every day of the week for several weeks in a row, you meet part-time a few days per week. This is better for individuals with chunks of time to take off in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings. Studies indicate that intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs can be as effective as residential programs for those who complete the treatment.


Outpatient San Diego addiction treatment is the lowest level of care with the fewest demands. This is best for people who have already completed another level of care and want continuing care in the form of weekly meetings and support groups. It can also be an option for clients with mild addictions who have recognized the symptoms early.

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Pacific Palms Life Skills

At our San Diego drug and alcohol rehab center, one of our premier services is our life skills program. 

Living independently might seem like it comes naturally, but for many people, these skills aren’t taught at critical intervals, leaving some clients in need of core life skills like coping with stress, creative thinking, empathy, and communication. Our facility provides life skills as part of our treatment program to provide all of the necessary steps clients need to move forward with an independent, sober lifestyle after recovery. 

Life skills include:

  • Communication
  • Managing stress
  • Recognizing and responding to emotions
  • Self-awareness
  • Understanding strengths and weaknesses and how to change both
  • Vocational Groups
  • Job Search
  • College Enrollment
  • Volunteer Work
  • Establishing Residency

When you come to our San Diego drug and alcohol rehab center for intensive outpatient programs, you can participate in the life skills program.

Our life skills provide a wide range of services that clients need to prepare for their next recovery phase. For some clients, there have been issues with job loss, job, security, legal issues, financial troubles, homelessness, or education problems due to addiction. That is why we specialize in things like resume building, where individuals get a chance to learn how to put together a simple resume. Our team walks them through mock interviews and how to search for jobs. Among our services, clients will learn how to enroll in college, how to set and meet their goals, how to balance a budget, and how to provide proper nutrition for a healthy, happy life. All of these skills complement one another in allowing our clients the chance to rebuild their professional or academic lives as they move into sobriety.

The majority of clients who come to stay with Pacific Palms Recovery in the later phases of their program have gained local employment. 

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Why Choose Pacific Palms Recovery

Pacific Palms San Diego drug and alcohol rehab center provides a range of services that other facilities don’t, including things like family programming, alumni programs, and our life skills services.

Family Programming

At Pacific Palms Recovery, we know that addiction doesn't affect individuals in isolation. It affects the entire family. That is why we believe integrating family is a key component of overall treatment.

Studies indicate that family involvement can encourage higher rates of completion of treatment programs and ongoing sobriety. At our facility, we provide family group therapy sessions every other month. We encourage clients to bring their family members during these times to go over things like addiction education, improved family dynamics and communication, and how to help loved ones in recovery.

Sober Living

We understand how difficult it can be to find housing directly after drug and alcohol treatment, especially if you lost your housing before entering treatment or if you have an unsupported living environment that does not encourage your sobriety.

A safe, sober home environment is essential to anyone participating in outpatient care and continuing care. That's why we help clients find safe, sober living facilities that are gender-specific. For those who do not have a supportive home environment, these sober living facilities are within the local area and give clients a safe place to stay while completing their treatment.

Alumni Program

Pacific Palms Recovery knows that recovery isn't a quick fix. Participating in and completing a treatment program for drug and alcohol addiction doesn't automatically mean clients will achieve a life of sobriety. Participation in ongoing care, like group meetings and alumni programs, can make a significant difference.

We know that recovery doesn't end when you complete your treatment with us; rather, it begins. That's why attendance in these weekly support groups is so important. We provide weekly alumni meetings for continued support. These meetings allow you to celebrate every milestone, no matter how small it feels. It allows you to connect with an eligible sponsor or become a sponsor. You also get to participate in quarterly events like beach barbecues, fishing trips, or bowling nights.

Our alumni program offers the following:

  • Weekly Barbeques
  • Competitive Sports
  • Monthly Trips

Our monthly trips and quarterly events include theme park visits, trips to the museums in the local area, whale watching, beach days, hiking trips, and other sober activities with a supportive, sober community.

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