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If you are looking for help with addiction, our San Diego addiction treatment center provides an extended care program with multiple levels of services. Located in southern California, we prioritize clinical excellence throughout our addiction treatment in Oceanside.

Every client who comes to our facility benefits from the life skill development they need to become a productive member of society. All of our programs are individualized, using clinical therapies to create a foundation for recovery with ongoing support and opportunity to help clients develop and reach continuing goals.

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The Importance of Addiction Treatment in San Diego

While many people think they can simply abstain from drugs or alcohol, this does not represent comprehensive recovery. Recovery from substance abuse is more than simply abstaining.

Risk of Relapse

Without help from an Oceanside addiction treatment center, individuals may not realize the risks of relapse or triggers. So the same individual who thinks they are doing well by abstaining on their own runs a serious risk of relapse as soon as something as simple as workplace stress, relationship problems, or walking by a place they once used.

Additional Complications

Another reason it's important to start recovery at an Oceanside addiction treatment center is that ongoing substance abuse leads to higher risks of additional complications. For example, people with alcoholism or substance abuse run the risk of:

  • Liver disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Mental health disorders

In fact, the development of co-occurring mental health disorders is one of the biggest risks associated with any type of substance abuse disorder. Drugs and alcohol come with an increased risk of developing things like depression or anxiety regardless of the substance being used. If left untreated, ongoing mental health disorders can increase substance abuse, and substance abuse can, in turn, increase the symptoms of mental health disorders.


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Our Unique Experiences

Research shows that without addiction treatment in San Diego, any addiction is likely to get worse. While many people think they can simply abstain from drugs or alcohol, this does not represent comprehensive recovery. Recovery from substance abuse is more than simply abstaining.

Why Get Professional Addiction Treatment in San Diego

Learn more about the personal experience, expertise, and services provided by our team of addiction recovery specialists at our beautiful locations. We offer outpatient addiction treatment in San Diego, CA alongside supportive housing options in San Diego and Orange Counties.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment is recommended for any addiction to opioids, benzodiazepines, and alcohol. You can only receive FDA-approved medication for your withdrawal symptoms and ongoing cravings at treatment facilities like Pacific Palms. Moreover, our team can keep you as comfortable as possible during your initial detox, reducing the risk of health complications and having medical staff at our treatment center if anything occurs.


Given the high risk of mental health disorders and addiction, our facility provides dual diagnosis services. Our dual diagnosis treatment plan offers individualized therapies and holistic modalities to give you the skills you need to manage coexisting symptoms of addiction and ongoing cravings as well as mental health disorders. 

For example, clients struggling with addiction and depression can participate in cognitive behavioral therapy sessions as well as exercise plans to boost their mood and mindfulness practice to help manage triggers and cope with stress.

Outpatient Treatment

Our Oceanside addiction treatment center specializes in a variety of outpatient programs. Our extended care program is designed as a step-down approach so clients can step down from one level of care to the next as they progress in recovery.

Our PHP allows clients to consolidate their treatment over a few weeks in a row. This is beneficial for those who might not be able to take months off of work or other requirements.

IOP is an ideal alternative to residential programs for those who can afford a few days off per week, participating in a part-time schedule. Clients who use these outpatient programs come to our treatment facility during the day but return home at night. For those who don't have access to a safe or supportive home environment, we can facilitate placement in sober living facilities.

As clients transition through the multiple levels of care, we also provide ongoing outpatient rehab for continuing participation in weekly support groups AA or NA as well as our alumni program.

During your initial assessment, our team will provide a free and confidential evaluation and recommendation for the right type of addiction treatment.

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A Drug & Alcohol Rehab That Cares About the Outcomes

Our San Diego addiction treatment center offers a unique life skills program. This program provides critical life skills such as vocational training, job search, mock interviews, college application assistance, budgeting, self-care, and interpersonal skills. All of these life skills set our clients up for ongoing success within the local community after completing any of our treatment programs

No matter the type of treatment you receive, each level of care will provide a combination of individual and group therapy sessions. Therapies offered include the following:

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Our facility believes that family integration is essential to long-term recovery. That is why our family program integrates those members you are most comfortable having in monthly meetings. These meetings give an opportunity for family members to come together, learn how to better support their loved ones in recovery, and improve communication and understanding of addiction.

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